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Our Marketing Strategy

Local Exposure

We are local to Breckenridge and Steamboat. With an office in each town we are able to take advantage of every local marketing opportunity. We are also established here and use our property management as an added marketing platform by advertising our real estate in every property we manage.

  • Open Houses
  • Breckenridge and Steamboat Guests
  • Broker Tours
  • Broker Email Marketing
  • MLS

National Exposure

Our sites,,,, and, all cross market to gain as much national exposure as possible. Along with our websites, we have a nationwide email list of over 20,000 that we regularly email property highlights and news to. We market to tourists visiting both Steamboat and Breckenridge that come from all over the world. Finally, we list our homes on national listing sites.

  • National Listing Sites
  • Email Marketing to Our Nationwide Guest List
  • Rental Site Advertisements to Guest Prospects on
  • Rental Site Advertisements to Guest Prospects on

Digital Marketing

Digital marketing is a key component to exposing your property to more prospective buyers. We use every digital medium to ensure that the bases are covered. Through social media, google paid search ads, video promotions and custom built websites we provide every opportunity for your home to be featured. Our websites are cutting edge and constantly updated. Instead of being out of touch with our digital marketing by contracting out and getting lost in the shuffle, we are hands on and keep track of what works and what doesn’t. Site updates are made faster and tested often.

  • Social Media Channel Exposure
  • Google Paid Search Campaigns
  • Email Blasts
  • Video Promotions
  • Custom Built Property Websites

Print Marketing

Though digital marketing has taken center stage in most present day marketing strategies print is still very effective and relevant when used appropriately. Tangible marketing materials can make a strong impact and we work hard to create design forward material that will draw in prospective buyers and encourage communication.

  • Local Newspaper ads and Features
  • Printed magazine and email material
  • In property marketing materials for guests visiting our rental properties